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Dating Blogs Award 2019 | Johnny Cassel

Johnny Cassell

Be sure to spare some time to visit if you are interested in dating topics. At this site, you’ll find excellent contents like “AMA #13 What’s Hot and What’s Not? Do Looks Matter? – How Do You Develop Your Sense of Humour?,” “AMA #14 When Is The Right Time to Introduce Sex Into The Relationship??,” and “AMA #12 How to Arrange Dates In Different Cities – Get Out of the Sex Tourist Category!”
Dating Blogs Award 2019 | Love Awake

Love awake

Second Place
If you are looking for a resource that is going to absolutely make things awesome for you in terms of your love life, you definitely want to give a visit. The number of contents that can be found at this site that offer incredible insight into what love is will absolutely floor you. So go ahead and take a look at such examples as “Watch Each Other’s Back: Create a Relationship Social Media Strategy,” “Dear Men: Being Passive Is Killing Your Relationships,” “Hate Buying Presents? Here Our Tricks To Getting It Right,” and “How to Handle the Topic of Finances in Relationships.”

Shimrit's Online Dating Blog

At, you are going to find some of the most useful contents about dating around. Be sure to check out “Poly Pocket Has a Family – a Look at Everyday Life in Poly Households,” “Want a chance with popular women on dating sites? You’ll have to up your game,” and “This woman’s dating profile got 3000 messages in one day. Here’s how it’s done.”
Dating Blogs Award 2019 | April Braswell

April Braswell

If your interest has to do with dating, a visit to would be highly encouraged due to the many excellent contents that can be found at this site. You will definitely appreciate the incredibly level of insight that can be found here for your reading pleasure. Among the contents that are going to blow your mind include “3 Must Know Tips for Women Dating After 40 Looking for Love,” “Are Christian Singles Groups a Good Place to Meet Quality Singles?,” “7 Tips for Dating Again After Divorce Over 40,” and “Strategic Placement to Meet More Targeted Singles.” Be sure to visit this resource often.
Dating Blogs Award 2019 | Christian Connection

Christian Connection

If you are in need of some solid, reliable information that you can make use of when dating or when in a relationship, you need to take a look at At this site, you can find contents that include “How do I tell a new partner I’ve got a history of mental illness?,” “How to describe yourself on a dating site,” “Reach out: how to plan an interchurch singles event,” and “First impressions: how to write a great opening message.”
Dating Blogs Award 2019 | Hey Saturday

Hey Saturday

Visit right now for some amazing contents that can help you with your dating life and so many other aspects of your days. Go ahead and check out the extensive selection of contents that can be found here and be sure to take advantage of them to get to the next level of your dating adventures. Among the contents that would be of interest to you are “Staycations – For Busy Professionals To Get Offline & Get Connected,” “When Hey Saturday met Tawkify – a unique approach to matchmaking,” “5 signs you’re being too hard on yourself in your online dating,” and “Which dating pictures should I choose for my online dating profile?”
Dating Blogs Award 2019 | Lovestruck
Be sure to visit and check out its awesome contents about dating. Some examples are “Are women changing the dating rules?,” “8 reasons you should date a silver fox!,” “4 signs it’s obvious that he likes you,” and “How to tell if someone is single.”

Drawing Down the Moon

Be sure to take a look at and see what it has to offer on the matter of dating contents. You’ll likely appreciate what it has to offer such as those that include “Top 10 London Events for Singles on Valentine’s Day,” “My name is Rebecca Humphries and I am not a victim”,” “How to meet your Prince or Princess: A guide,” and “Suffer from First Date Nerves? Here is How to Handle Them!”
Dating Blogs Award 2019 | DBG

Date British Guys

You have to check out if you are interested in dating contents at all. You will definitely love reading through its selection of contents that include “Ace Your Date With These Style Tips,” “Signs Someone Is Going To Ghost You,” “4 Tips For The Perfect First Kiss,” and “Are You Stalking Someone On Social Media?”
Dating Blogs Award 2019 | Uniform dating blog

Uniform Dating Blog

There is a ton about dating and love that you can learn when you visit This is a valuable resource thanks to its contents like “10 Best Ways to Survive Valentine’s Day for A Single Girl,” “How to Spot an Online Dating Scammer,” “10 Ways to Make a Military Guy Like You,” and “Top 10 Most Handsome Cops on Social Media.”
Dating Blogs Award 2019 | eHarmony Blog

eHarmaony Blog

Although a dating website, there are also a ton of amazing contents about dating that can be found over at You are definitely going to want to check out for such contents as “Meditation Improves Your Dating Life: We’ve got the Proof,” “The Main Types of Addiction to Watch Out for in Dating,” “‘It Was Only Three Dates, But I’m Devastated’,” and “5 Signs of Good Self-Esteem (and Why You Should Date These People).”
Dating Blogs Award 2019 | The Guradian Soulmates

The Guardian Soulmates Blog

Be sure to take a look at if you are interested in dating topics. You are bound to find some great things that include “How to stay safe when online dating,” “The three photos every online dating profile should have,” “How to survive online dating in 5 steps,” and “The art of good online dating profiles.”
Dating Blogs Award 2019 | The Dating Directory

The Dating Directory

You simply have to visit right now if you are looking for some excellent contents about dating and everything involved in it. You are going to find that this website is exactly what you are looking for with regards finding love. You can see this for yourself when you find such contents as “How To Become Irresistible To Quality Men : Free Love Summit,” “How to own your past and use it to build the love you want,” “Here are the top 5 questions you should ask on a first date,” and “How to Know When Is the Right Time to Introduce Your New Partner to Your Child.”

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