LGBT Blogs Award 2018

The LGBT community continues to point out to the world that we all are the same regardless of sex, race, religion, color, affiliate and orientation. The LGBT’s mission to uphold the rights of its members continues until now. And for this reason, we have gathered several websites that help spread the understanding and the belief that we all are people of the world free from hate and free from discrimination.

We also included achiever bloggers from our 2017 campaign for they deserve the such recognition. Our list includes the best and well-read blogs in Europe.

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The LGBT Denmark is an organization that upholds the rights and privileges of the lgbt community. This website offers counseling to those who seek and provides answers to those who question. This is a great blog that can be a source of the latest news and information about gender identity and sexual orientation.
Blikk blog is unique and entertaining. It creates spaces for all especially for those who want to come out feel affirmed and accepted. It gives the latest news and events around the lgbt community. A fun blog that is definitely worth reading.
One way of bringing to the world about the celebration of gay pride is through the internet. This website gives the latest news and information about embracing gay pride. The issues are presented positively via this blog. This website also features events and places to dine and have fun.

Soren Juliussen

This blog is considered to be a source of entertainment news and information about the lgbt community. shares to the world about the colorful world about being gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual. It discusses many topics that aims to create awareness and promote equality.
This blog is about the life of a homosexual living the life to the fullest. This blog shows the writer’s love for travel, food and the good life. The blogger’s talent in photography is clearly depicted in his blog. A good blog for those who seek fun and adventure.
There are many beautiful things about being a lesbian and this blog celebrates the joy and beauty of it. If you are in the search for information about being lesbian, then this website is for you. This site shares with the readers some advice about being a butch or a femme including a list of famous lesbian artists. This is an interesting blog never to be missed.

Copenhagen Pride

This is a colorful website celebrating the pride movement. It encourages volunteerism to carry out Copenhagen’s colorful gay festivals to be able to help spread awareness and fight for equal rights. This site helps prepare and promote the 2021 World Pride Festival that is considered to be a mega LGBTQIA event. Visit this site and be able to be informed and contribute in their advocacy.

Ashton Giese gathers the community and encourages to travel and experience the authentic cultural vibe of the lgbt community worldwide. This site also shares with the readers the importance of its advocacy that is to raise awareness for lgbt human rights. This also shares the lates news and events in the lgbt community.
This is the home for the latest entertainment news and events around the lgbt community. Different reviews can also be read regarding movies, books, music and theater. This site is like a one-stop shop where readers can read countless articles. also offer competitions wherein readers could participate and enjoy.

Sunny Eaton

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