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An amazing lifestyle blog, you really have to visit in order to benefit from its lineup of excellent contents that provide you with plenty of helpful information, tips, and insights. Among the topics that are covered include cosmetics, clothing fashion, accessories, and so much more. Be sure to check out the highlights of the posts that are available on this site, include “Vaux-le-Vicomte fête Noël : la magie des jouets d’Antan,” “Apéro chic à l’italienne à l’hôtel Castille (Paris 1er),” and “Bons plans et marchés de Noël pour les retardataires et autres gourmandizes.” Don’t miss out on this site.
Colours and Carousels is the brainchild of Charlotte, a twenty-something sarcastic girl who hails from the outskirts of Glasgow. Charlotte originally launched her blog to kickstart her career in the fashion industry and bolster her university applications. The site is now a lifestyle, fashion, and beauty blog that also occasionally delves into mental health topics.
Sheily, a Parisian since childhood, launched Paris, Maman & Moi to have a platform where she can give back to the city all the good things it has done for her. This Parisian lifestyle blog covers a wide range of topics, from guided tours, inspirations, and adventures. Sheily offers a lived-in experiential account of the city, which both tourists and locals can find useful.
HiP is a site that seeks to point visitors and travelers in the right direction when they are in the city. It focuses on off-the-beaten-path places, hip and happening events, and memorable experiences that travelers often overlook. The founders of the site believe that there is more to the city than its iconic monuments and popular sites and that the best way to experience the city is to dig a little deeper.
Michael’s blog, Michael84, focuses on lifestyle, fashion, grooming, and personal style. Readers can expect to find the latest in male grooming, travel, fragrance and tech on the site. He also occasionally posts about his personal style and insights about the current menswear trends. The articles are written from a personal point of view and is integrated with an editorial approach.
Daphne is the editor of the fashion and lifestyle blog, Mode and the City. The site serves as a platform where she can share her favorite fashion, beauty, and lifestyle stories and inspiration. She considers blogging as a full-time career, although she also does freelance consulting and writing work. Mode and the City will definitely keep readers coming back everyday for their daily dose of inspiration.
Katie is a professional baker who runs her own cupcake shop, Pet Lamb Patisserie. Her blog serves as a space where she can share her love of food with her readers. It contains mouthwatering recipes, informed restaurant reviews, posts about her personal insights and experiences, and a host of other topics.
Gemma originally comes from South London, but she now resides in Bristol with her partner and son. She initially launched her site as a parenting blog in 2010. Over time, Hello It’s Gemma has evolved into a blog that covers lifestyle, home, and traveling topics. Her blog also serves as a space where she can connect with other people and share her life experiences.
Michelle is the founder of Ananyah, which means one-of-a-kind in Hindi. From a personal blog, the site has transformed into a platform that covers food, travel, and adventure topics. Although Michelle is in the IT industry, her passion for cooking and food is clearly reflected in her blog. With her incredible photography skills, she makes sure every photo on her blog tells a story.
Marissa Cox is the founder of Rue Rodier, the road to better living. The site got its name from the first street that the British photographer lived on when she moved to the French capital. The site aims to inspire and encourage women to live better lives through stories about style, beauty, inspiring interiors, and travel. The blog features interviews from real women who are living creative and fulfilling lives.

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