Nordic Lifestyle Blogs Award 2018

Many lifestyle bloggers get into the niche simply by posting about their daily lives and their experiences while they are traveling. Others chose to focus on specific interests such as fashion, food, home improvement, and family and personal relationships. By sharing content drawn from their own lives and adventures, lifestyle bloggers are able to appeal to a diverse audience.

The bloggers on this list were chosen not only because they represent the best of the region, but also because they each have something unique to offer to their readers. If you are looking for bloggers that address interesting and timely topics, and feature useful but upbeat posts that are meant to inspire, these bloggers have it all for you.

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Nordic Food & Living

Kim started Nordic Food Living as a spin off of Louise’s Mad Blog, and is written wholly in English to account for her international readers. The site features mostly traditional Danish recipes, but once in a while, you will get recipes from other countries such as an American pulled pork to an Italian lasagna. Kim’s instructions are easy to follow and foodies will definitely enjoy every second spent perusing her blog.
Based in Denmark, Anna is a Sports Science and Health student who has a keen interest in fitness and health. The site contains content about workouts, recipes, and mental health issues. Anna also writes about her personal experiences, including her battle with depression and anxiety. Her positivity and energy radiates through every post, enabling her readers to find joy in being active and discovering a way of living that fits a healthy mindset.
Anya’s blog focuses on hygge - a Danish and Norwegian word used to acknowledge a feeling or moment, whether alone or with friends, at home or out, ordinary or extraordinary, as cosy, charming or special. Anya’s philosophy hinges on the belief that slow-living, the small and simpler pleasures, and making small elaborate changes are the best ingredients of a happy and well-lived life.
Jennifer started A Merry Mishap after realizing that she needed a space where she can share her personal life, her ideas and interests, and her passion for design. As a freelance stylist, this blogger uses her platform to talk about her passion for Scandinavian design and minimal aesthetics. Ocassionally, she also posts about her travels and home life.
Mari founded Saimaa Life to bring more attention to the picturesque Finnish lakeland sceneries and local lifestyle. She uses virtual reality technology to breathe life into the incredibly beautiful Saimaa, Finland’s largest lake and Europe’s fourth largest natural freshwater source. With her website, Mari hopes to bring people peace and gain a deeper appreciation of nature.
Tess is originally from London but she decide to move to Sweden to pursue a career in modeling. This petite and gorgeous lady eventually decided to stay and build a family in Clapham. Her blog touches on various topics, but this blogger is never one to shy away from the more controversial subjects and encourages her readers to always express themselves freely and without hesitation.
Nicole is an influencer, blogger, and actress currently based in Stockholm. Now one of Sweden’s most influential media personalities and entrepreneurs, Nicole actually started her blog at age ten and has eventually grown and branched out into the international field. She continues inspiring her readers and followers with her amazing work ethic and her continued passion for style and beauty.
Based in Stockholm, Pia is a blogger who has self-declared soft spot for all things bright and beautiful. Her blog contains content that delves into a wide variety of topics - from beauty and style to food, music, movies, animals, and the local cultural and artistic scene. She also uses her site to talk about her yarn and jewelry creations.
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