Romance Blogs Award 2017

Love is something that a lot of people are chasing after but often fail to either recognize or obtain due to some form of misunderstanding. There is simply way too much about love, romance, and relationships that make people want to scream, and a lot of it is due to lack of information. Fortunately, this Romance Blogs Award 2017 comprises of a list of blogs that have just the right kind of details about love.

What makes these blogs really important, however, is how many of them change readers’ perspectives on love. These unique insights help to give people more meaningful and fulfilling relationships.

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A lot of the times, women have the wrong idea about relationships because the read all the wrong materials, and aims to change this. Basically, the site wants to give women everywhere the right idea about true romance without all of the time-wasting nonsense of trash novels.
While romance and love are not exactly subjects that are easy to assign academic subjects to, certainly tries. The author of the site tries to approach romance in sensible and effective ways, and tries to share her findings to readers who might be struggling with their own love lives.
Jeannie Moon

Jeannie Moon

For those who want titillating details regarding romance novels, is the site of a famous author of love stories. Anyone who wants to get lost in books and spend hours flipping pages about passion, sensuality, and everything about love, this is a site that might be worth checking out.
joyfully jay

joyfully jay

One of the more distinctive resources on this list, deals in reading and reviewing romance novels that involve two men. Whether you want to call it men to men love, or gay love, or whatever else, if those are your sources of entertainment, this is one website that can give you details on some books you can read.


Just to add to your list of reading materials about love and romance, is a site that contains reviews and excerpts about such novels. Get an idea of what certain novels offer or read them entirely on the site. There is much that offers, that are worth looking into, for sure.
Romance Dish
Serving up loads of plates piled to the ceiling with delicious romance novels, you’ll definitely want to check out if you’re interested in titillating and scandalous books. The site also reviews family friendly novels that contain a hint of romance, so there’s that to consider.
marie force
As the blog of an author who wrote some of the best-selling novels about love, passion, and absolutely daring concepts about sex, is one site that’s definitely worth checking out if you are a fan of such subjects. You might even find some books that you don’t want to pass up on.
unwrapping romance
There are a lot of romance books out there and too many of them are not worth reading, which is why should be a site for you to visit. The blog helps to sift through all the trash and find the gems that you can pour hours of your time in and not feel like you are wasting your afternoons.
If you are interested in romance, is the site to visit. It’s got the most intriguing contents that might just open whole new worlds of romance for you and you can share a lot of good stuff with your friends, as well. Go ahead and check it out to see if it’s what you are looking for.
The JUST Sites
There is a lot of value in being able to find some really good romance resources and is one that you don’t want to pass up on. It’s an excellent site that’s full of the most interesting, passionate, and engaging contents that you simply cannot pass on. It’s totally worth checking out.
Those who love romantic topics might want to check out It’s an amazing blog that comes with a lot of great content that’s all about steamy, passionate romance that are sure to provide endless entertainment. If you want to spend an afternoon dreaming about love, this is the site to do it.

Donna Hatch

A great romance blog, you definitely want to pay attention to what has to offer if you are someone who likes to feel the thrill of romance blossoming in your chest. It’s a great resource with a lot of interesting details to share.
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Romance Blogs Award 2017

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